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Kathryn MacDonald, Jeff MacDonald Murders and Trial


The case of Jeff MacDonald has been infused with controversy since the murders took place, almost 39 years ago. Through it all, Jeff has steadfastly maintained his innocence. Over the many years since trial, thousands of pages of government reports, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that prove the existence of outside assailants, have been obtained. In fact, not only do these documents show Jeff's claim of outside assailants to be true, they also show how the prosecution deliberately set out to suppress evidence supporting these claims before, during, and after his trial.

The MacDonald case has served as an example of malfeasance in the investigation of the FBI Crime Lab's misconduct, and the case has been featured in numerous congressional hearings and in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe and The New Republic. In January, 2006, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals panel of three unanimously agreed that the affidavit of Jimmy Britt, a respected former US Marshal, was sufficient grounds to propel a rare fourth appeal (successive habeas petition) forward for review to the District Court in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jimmy Britt died in October, 2008. In November, 2008, the District Judge denied relief. The defense will appeal to the 4th Circuit.

The MacDonald case is one of the most enduring and haunting legal cases of our time, and a torturous example of injustice and wrongful conviction. It continues to endure and weigh heavily on the public consciousness because the right conclusion has never been has never been issued in a court of law- that Jeff MacDonald is an innocent man and must be released. If guilt was so clear, its hard to imagine that the interest and emotion this case continues to proliferate would still exist nearly 40 years later.

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About Kathryn MacDonald

Personal and Professional History




Kathryn made her theatrical debut at age 10 in The Sound of Music.  By age 12, she had performed featured roles in over 24 productions.

Highlights: Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”; Jo in “A Day in the death of Joe Egg”


At 14, she was cast in an original musical tribute to America for the Bicentennial, mentored by the man who envisioned and built the city of Columbia, MD, Jim Rouse. The original cast of the “Young Columbians” endured for 7 years.

 Highlights: Opened the Tomorrow Land Stage, Disney World, Fla., entertained at the White House (President Carter & Pierre Trudeau); appeared on the (international) telecast of “Happy Birthday, USA” Parade (July 4, 1976)-an event later included in the time capsule established by Act of Congress to be opened 7/4/2076.


 At 16, Kathryn graduated to ingénue roles such as Liesl in The Sound of Music and Tuptim in “The King and I” , Still with “The Young Columbians”, She was the lead singer with 2 swing bands and worked as a  pianist/singer at area country clubs and hotels.  Highlights: Writing and directing school variety shows, moonlighting as a calligrapher.

  While attending college and beyond, Kathryn performed in over a lead roles including “Oklahoma!” (Laurie) “Guys and Dolls” (Sarah) and “1776” (Martha Jefferson),  She continued to sing at nightclubs.  Highlights:  Singing with Natalie Cole at a benefit held at the Rainbow Room, NYC, hired by Billy Dee Williams to sing at private party he hosted.

  At 29, Kathryn became the second woman to direct at a Washington DC theatre (non-equity) since 1972 (almost 20 years). Her first assignment: “The Sound of Music”- the show she had started with as a child performer. Highlights: Writing and recording original songs, one of which was picked up by Harry Connick, Jr.

 Additional directing jobs followed; Kathryn made her last professional stage appearance as Gypsy Rose Lee in “Gypsy” Highlights: Learning that her Dad, who had suffered with Parkinson’s for 15 years, willed himself out of his seat for a standing ovation.



Advertising Rep and Design Consultant (Patuxent Publishing 1982-85)

Highlights:  Recognition for top revenue producer 2 consecutive years)


Creative Services Manager (Media General Cable 1985-1991)

Highlights:  Writing and directing for Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, and others (pay-per-view boxing events). Awarded Best Boxing Promotion Prize by HBO/Steve Wynn/The Mirage Hotel and Casino


Media Buyer/Executive Asst. (Bailey Deardourff Political Consultants 1991-1996)

Highlights:  Arranging Mr. Deardourff’s appearances at the (Clinton) White House, working with Marian Wright Edelman (The Children’s Defense Fund) journalist Maureen O’Dowd and political strategist Karl Rove.


Casting Director and Scriptwriter (National Press Club 1991-1994)

Highlights: Interviewing and Filming NPC speakers including Norman Lear, Hillary Clinton, and Billy Crystal.


Owner /Director (The Young Artists Theatre 1994-2011)

Highlights:  Writing and Directing over 30 original musical comedies for the public, performed by child and teen actors; Performances at Raven’s Stadium, Macy’s and Merriweather Post Pavilion.


Certified Paralegal: (2000-present)

Highlights:  Procuring crucial affidavits from key witnesses, earning the friendship of Kirk Bloodsworth- the first Death Row inmate to be exonerated by DNA.



Springbrook High School, Silver Spring MD Highlights:  graduated with Honors at age 16 Approval from the Principal to miss school for theatrical travel; Teacher’s Award for creating talent shows that encouraged the integration of “cliques” Singing with her best friend at graduation (UMD).


Catholic University of America, Washington DC

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Acting

Highlights: Selected by audition to be 1 of 10 students enrolled in the BFA program, 1 of 8 to travel Europe with the USO as a freshman; Serving as co. manager of a 2nd USO tour sophomore year, co-writing/directing & performing in a celebration of the USO’s  40th Anniversary with Bob Hope narrating.  Being the first/only collegiate ever elected to the USO’s Board of Directors (1981)


American University, Washington, DC

MA in Communications (Screenwriting)

Highlights: Returning to school in 1994 while establishing the Young Artists Theatre; Graduating with honors; being chosen to present analysis of Frank Sinatra for a panel of the American Psychological Association (APA).


Kaplan University, Boca Raton FLA

Paralegal Certification

Qualified in all areas of Maryland state law, and federal criminal defense law.




Board of Directors, Arts Council of Montgomery County    (1995-1997)

Member, Howard County Arts Council                               (1998-present)

Voted Best Drama School by Families Magazine 8 times      (1995-2009)

Awarded Best Children’s Program for the Arts

by Howard County MD Executive Ken Ulman                      (2007)

Chosen as Best Provider of Children’s Programming

by GSNC (Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capitol)                   (1998-2008)




DAUGHTER of Rick and Suzanne Adams of Silver Spring MD (both deceased)


FATHER was self-employed as a commercial real estate broker and died of complications from Parkinson’s disease in 1996.


MOTHER was self-employed as a real estate agent and died of cancer in 1997.


SISTER:  (Jennifer) consults as a biostatistician, editing scientific studies.


WIFE of Jeffrey MacDonald, MD. An ER surgeon and an innocent man.




Advocating for animals, training them and helping others with animal behavior modification,  working with animal rescue groups, rehabilitating abused animals, working with children and adults to increase their self-confidence in group settings, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, composing music, piano, yoga, Pilates, holistic healing and lifestyle,  restoration of antiques and sentimental items, personal and office organization, calligraphy, classic films (Cagney/Sinatra) and music/bands (of the 1930’s-40’s)  and striving to be an asset to the community.

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