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Regular listeners of the Opperman Report will know the name of Reverend Ed Pinkney.  The Reverend would appear to be the victim of a political vendetta.  The long-time community leader and activist has been sentenced for up to ten years for forgery, despite no evidence to convict him - to the contrary there is ample evidence that would have exonerated him.  The good Reverend dared to stand up to corrupt politicians and big business, and unfortunately has suffered the wrath of a small group of malicious cowards with influence.

Reverend Ed is has recently been transferred hundreds of miles futher away from his family, and is being held in solitary confinement at Marquette Branch Prison.

Stay tuned for more on Reverend Ed - in the meantime please follow the links below and do what you can to stand up for a man who's only guilty of standing up for others.

BANCO - Reverend Ed Pinkney's website - here you can find the latest news on the Reverend, find out how to donate money, send Ed a card/letter and other ways to get involved

TRUTH-OUT - Rev. Edward Pinkney Imprisoned for Fighting the Whirlpool Corporation

CHLROPHYLL - Green Party statement regarding Reverend Ed

BLOG TALK RADIO - You can listen to past episodes of the Reverend's radio show here

MAY 31, 2016 - Message from Reverend Ed Pinkney about the Trinity Food Protest at Marquette Branch Prison

At Marquette Branch Prison in Marquette, MI more than 700 prisoners came together to protest food served by Trinity Services Group, Inc. to the prisoners. The action by the prisoners was also in protest of the poor conditions at Marquette Branch Prison. These prisoners unified against government waste and corruption in the prison system. They demanded food that doesn't make them sick. The dangerous food served to prisoners leads to healthcare costs which are ultimately the burden of unsuspecting Michigan taxpayers. This unity among hundreds shows what people can do when they come together over a common cause.

The protest was not organized by any one individual, but was a culmination of conditions that are unbearable at this prison.

The food is generally eaten by most of the prisoners, but this leads to health issues which raises costs to treat the prisoners. Taxpayers are bearing the burden of this corrupt system. Those on the outside do not realize the inhumanity of the prison system. Prisoners, when released, do not want to talk about the stress they endured while in the system. Prisoners who participate in peaceful protests are retaliated against by the prison officials. It is my duty, as a reverend, as a servant of God, as an unjustly accused man, and as a concerned citizen of Michigan, to report to you about these conditions. I have personally witnessed seeing worms in the food and prison kitchen workers have reported that spoiled food containing rodent waste, maggots, worms, and bugs have been served regularly to inmates. Therefore, I, Reverend Edward Pinkney, have decided I must go on a hunger strike to personally protest the deplorable food and conditions at Marquette Branch Prison in Marquette, Michigan.

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