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M'Linda Kula: Alternate Theory of Who Killed Jon Benet


M'Linda Kula: Alternate Theory of Who Killed Jon Benet


M'Linda Kula speaks to Ed about her personal involvement with the man she believes killed JonBenet Ramsey, a man known as Bill Ramsey.  Neither the mainstream media nor the alternative media have barely covered Mrs. Kula's allegations or her evidence.


M’Linda Kula is the National Coordinator for “Unite For Justice “ and the New Jersey state advocate for that organization.
She has reported Information about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case for the past 18 plus years; the strong person of interest, Mr.” Bill Ramsey”; and the many connections between these two supposed siblings. She has been the driving force behind the web site: She will introduce us to JohnnyB’s, other brother. M’Linda is also working on the double murder of Walter Babich Sr. and his wife, Dorothy. She is reporting about local police, protecting major meth labs in Southern New Jersey and the abuse of senior citizens in a 150 unit building, by the property manager and his staff.
She can be reached at

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