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Jeffrey Felix: Guarding the Juice


Jeffrey Felix: Guarding the Juice


Jeffrey Felix, a correctional officer who spent 7 years talking to OJ Simpson while in jail talks to Ed about the real story behind the 'OJ Murders' and more!

Felix says OJ told him that 2 drug dealers came to his home to collect on Ron and Nicole's drug debt. OJ refused to pay and they said they were going to Nicole's place. Felix suspects that OJ followed them to the murder scene.
This fits with Ed's theory that OJ showed up at murder scene during or after killing and ran around in the blood. 
This also fits in with TH Johnston's information that the ME that actually performed the autopsy that testified at a prelim hearing that there were two knives and likely 2 killers. The prosecution did not call this ME to testify at trial. 
(Johnson and his brother know everyone involved in both the defense and prosecution and have the full autopsy and ME report in their possession)

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