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Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9-11


Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9-11


Ed and Christopher discuss his extensive research into 9-11, his activism, his arrest, and his take on how the machinations of the world really work.

From his website:

As an independent researcher and journalist, 
I depend entirely on the support of my readers to fund my work. 

I traveled through the Middle East and studied the region's history and languages before earning a degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz with an emphasis on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Along with my research and writing, I have worked as an editor and translator.  My travels and studies of German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew and Arabic languages have helped me analyze international politics and events.

Having worked as an independent investigative journalist from 2000-2006, I worked a great deal on investigating the events of 9/11.  In 2007, after having been attacked by undercover police at my home and forced into exile, I began writing a book entitled Solving 9-11, which is dedicated to explaining what really happened and bringing the events of 9-11 into historical perspective.  

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