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Christine Joanna Hart: UK Phone Hacking Scandal


Christine Joanna Hart: UK Phone Hacking Scandal


I was The Daily Mail's investigator for over a decade. 

"My by-lines have appeared extensively in The Sunday Times and Sunday Express. I am a Sunday Times best selling author with Hodder and Stoughton and have appeared on TV - BBC News 24, BBC News, GMTV and Channel Five News and Radio - BBC World Service as guest author on the nature of evil with the editor of The Indy. 

"As you all know I was ten years at The News Of The World and it was i who bought in the phone hacker. But not many know about the glamorous Mr Big behind it - it reveals all in this sexy revelations about the perversion on the now defunct newspaper who were busy moralizing to others. The Phone Hacking Affair is out now on Kindle.
The part I wrote for Tom Hardy is now also on kindle - my erotic thriller - The Heavy Wet Perfume Of Evil out now on Amazon kindle. The two serial killers in my new novel are based on Ian Brady and Kenneth Bianchi and my time with both."

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