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Amy Vilela: Shalynne Will Not Die In Vain


Amy Vilela: Shalynne Will Not Die In Vain


Amy Vilela joins Ed to discuss the heart wrenching story of the death of her daughter Shalynne from an undiagnosed blood clot in her leg.

Amy recounts how her daughter went to Centennial Hills Hospital in Las Vegas with incredible leg pain and was seemingly denied full treatment because she did not have health insurance.  Shalynne would leave the hospital with a leg brace and instructions not to take it off except to bathe - prime conditions for her condition to deteriorate.  She would be rushed to another ER 3 weeks later to a hospital where she would eventually succumb to a pulmonary embolism.

Shalynne's story is a gripping account of what is wrong with a 'for-profit' health care system.  Amy has dedicated her efforts to bringing Shalynne's story to the fore in hopes others don't suffer the way her daughter did.  Please visit Amy's webpage for more information of DVT - symptoms, tests to request, and more.

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